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Tommaso VillaMy name is Villa Tommaso, i was born in Genova (Italy) on 21.1.1982, i moved to Ireland in March 2007 after my degree in Economy and Business at University of Genova (2006) and an internship in Bossi & C. Transiti S.P.A. Freight Forwarding.

My fisrt work experience in Ireland was in 2007 atĀ  Barclays GRB Western Europe and in 2010 i was movedĀ  to HP.

Between 2007 and 2010 i got a diploma in Web Design at the Dublin Business School and a Ecommerce certificate by Fedarcom and Portaleshop.

From 2009 and 2011 i worked as Web Master and blogger for the Genoa Club Dublino and i started to work part-time as freelancer .

In April 2011 i left my job in Hewelett Packard to work full time as Freelance Web Designer and in July 2011 i moved in Genova after 4 years and 5 months living in Dublin.

In July 2012 i moved to Barcelona to work as Freelancer Web/UI Designer and Interface Developer, i collaborate with different Studios (Codekunstler) and i also work on my own for different clients.

Afer few months working in Barcelona, i was offered a job position as Front end | UX Developer in Betvictor, and i moved in Gibraltar at the beginning of 2013

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I am Web Designer and Front-end Developer

Feel free to contact me i am available for freelance works.

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