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How to make a web page perfectly optimized for SEO

December 20th, 2011

In the following post i want to highlight the main features which make a Web Page optimized efficiently. Firts of all i want to mention the most inspiring sources i have come across in my readings and made me able to collect the useful informations to publish now. I hope you enjoy reading the article. Don’t hesitate to leave your comment.

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Google Keywords


The notion that keywords that every page needs a certain percentage of time to outrank the competition is a fallacy. There’s no perfect number: it’s not that if you mention the keyword seven times on this page I’m automatically going to rank well. It doesn’t work that way: there are so many other factors and a page that gets a lot of inbound links with the right anchor text can rank for terms that don’t even appear on the page. The notion that there’s a perfect percentage for keywords simply isn’t true. “Furthermore, your copy should be persuasive, informative and punchy: you’ll only serve to limit your copy’s punch by simply clawing keywords into the text. Be verbose, create opportunities to talk about your company, products and niche verticals, but never, repetitive. It is important to include keywords on your pages but there is NO ‘magic number’ of times to use a keyword. Write your text for humans!”

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