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The must have list of user interfaces elements, components and jQuery plugins

December 24th, 2012 by Villa Tommaso Leave a reply »

Any designer and developer should have in their bookmarks a list of resources for user interface elements and components. For example i use to collect the most interesting and useful snippets code, jQuery plugins, Ui resources and tutorials in my pinterest boards. I keep them updated almost daily. If you are designer or a developer, i recommend to have a look to my pinterest account, there might be boards interesting for you.
My purpose in this blog post is that you absolutely need to have in your bookmarks the following links of web pages which deliver the best user interface elements and components. What i mean for user interfaces elements and components? I mean all the snippets code, Javascript libraries, jQuery plugins and repositories that your Website or Web Application will absolutely need.
We normally can find whatever we need if we google around, but it’s just a matter of efficiency bookmark a great selection of resources that can boost your web projects.

The big badass list of 235 useful twitter bootstrap resources

If you use Twitter Bootsrap as front-end framework Bootstraphero page has done really great work, it has collected 235 twitter bootstrap resources. This list is divided in categories: components, framework integrations, interface builders, mockup tools, tools and services, how tos and javascript addons.
This list of resources is huge and it’s not only about user interface components but there are other useful resources that they worth to be read. If you are a Joomla o WordPress developer there are good resources on to how to integrate Twitter Bootstrap to both CMS, also if you are a designer, the Theme list gives you some nice Theme starter and services to build templates. The Mockup tools mostly include all base elements layered in Photoshop for typography, buttons, grids, navigation, and examples for quickly and easily mocking up Twitter Bootstrap designs.
In conclusion bootstraphero needs definitely your attention whether or not you are a Twitter Bootstrap user.

Smashingmagazine: Useful JavaScript Libraries and jQuery Plugins

Smashing magazine
I want to mention now a couple of blog posts Web Forms, Typography, Time-Savers and Images and Text, Tables, List and Useful Development Tools from Smashing magazine, the Website leader for Web designers and developers. They feature some of the recent useful JavaScript and jQuery libraries which could be just the right solutions for your common problems. You might know some of these libraries, but you probably don’t know most of them. In either case, this overview will help you find or rediscover some tools that you could use in your next projects. You’ll find a brief description and links to the libraries and tools featured.
The areas covered are: Web Forms, Web Typography, Little Time-Savers, Images, Maps, Graphs, Text Manipulation, Manipulating Tables and Lists, Useful JavaScript Tools for Web Development.

Handpicked jQuery Plugins

handpicked jquery
The Handpicked jQuery Plugins Repository is a carefully selected roundup of some of the best jQuery Plugins ever released. Here they offer you the ability to browse through the plugins, or download a plugin that you fancy. Whether you’re building a huge Web-Application, or a simple site, they’ve got you covered. You can enjoy reading the blog post about this great jQuery project.


unheap plugin jquery
Unheap is a growing site that collects all kinds of jQuery plugins. It’s full of great jQuery plugins very well described and with demos in action. It’s divided in 5 categories: Interface, Inputs, Media, Navigation and others. A part from the high volume of examples and jQuery plugins the Website has a really great look with lot of nice effects.
Congratulation for this great showcase. I suggest following Unheap on twitter, they use to communicate about new plugins.

Code Snippets and Basic ready to Use CSS styles

CSS Trick blog web design and development provides a section with a great collection of code snippets for web developers. This section includes differents area that cover the following areas: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, htaccess, jQuery and WordPress. The section is always updated from the CSS trick posts. CSS Trick is a must following for any Web Developer, the blog provides high quality contents and tutorials very well detailed.
Tympanus website leader in Web design and development tutorials published some nice and fresh CSS snippets code and tricks ready to use compatible with any browser, old browsers included.
The snippets code are about : Directional Box Shadows, Emphesized Box Shadows, Embossed Box Shadows, Gradients, Rounded Borders, Background Inline Link, Underlined Inline Link, Triangle Inline Link, Button Metro Styles, Bordered Link, Button Styles, Simple Input, Mac Input, Depth & Gradient Input, Only Line Input.


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